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Palo Verde National Park and Biological Research Station


Palo Verde National Park is located in Guanacaste, 30km east from the town of Cañas. The park has an almost 19 000 hectare area which was founded in 1982.

The National Park and Biological Research Station are situated between the rivers Tempisque and Bebedero. The main entrance is 28 kilometers south from Bagaces town.

The name of the park Palo Verde can be translated as green tree, which derives from the shrub that remains green colored all year-round.

The area has noticeable ecological diversity; there are approximately 15 different habitats such as mangrove swamps, marshes and savannahs. The tropical dry forest has an appealing seasonal transformation from the drought to the time when beautiful colorful flowers start to blossom. There is a rich variety of fauna and vegetation. The dry forest includes huge amounts of pochote, cedro, and guanacaste trees. It is common to see animals, such as monkeys, skunks, coatis, deers, iguanas, even crocodiles and an amazing richness of birds. The area is also known as the paradise for bird watching because of the amount of almost 300 different species. The freshwater swamp in front of the research station is a very important feeding ground for resident and migrating water birds. In the park area there are well maintained trails leading to look-out points over the gathering places of animals and the fantastic landscape.




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