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Official Holidays in Costa Rica.

Church Celebrations and Local Costa Rican fiestas.


Most holidays in Costa Rica are related to the Catholic religion. On holidays most government offices and banks close there offices so the cities have little comercial activities. Specially on easter mainly on thursday and friday everything closes, there is a law that prohibits restaurants and bars to sell alcholic drinks during some of the religious holidays. Buses stop running on Holy If you are planning to visit Guanacaste during this time make sure you get your hotel and car rental reservation prebooked with enought anticipation so you will not waste your whole vacation trying to get a room. It is recommended to avoid the most popular beaches specially during Easter week and New year. For those holidays you can see a list for activities in Guanacaste.

The processions during Easter are a nice experience that is interesting to witness and this are held throughout the country.This is the list of the main and official holidays in Costa Rica:

Holidays according to the article 148 of Costa Rican work law are the following:

January 1st:
New Year’s Day, celebrated all around Costa Rica with fiestas and dances of different types. Fiereworks are also very common.

March 19th:
Dia de San Jose. St. Joseph’s Day, the patron saint of San Jose( Capital city and province of Costa Rica.)

Easter: (Semana Santa).
Holy Week, Semana Santa. Dates of this Catholic celebration varies annually.

April 11th:
Juan Santamaria Day (National Hero of Costa Rica). This Public holiday is to commemorate the national hero that fought at the battle of Rivas against the North American William Waker that invaded Central America in 1856.

May 1st:
Labor Day. El dia de los trabajadores.

June 29th:
St. Peter and St. Paul’s Day, (San Pedro y San Pablo) Catholic Holiday, not mandatory.

July 25th:
Annexation of Guanacaste Day, This day celebrates that the representatives of the territory of Guanacaste decided to be part of the country of Costa Rica in 1824.

August 2nd:
Religious celebration that conmemorates the Patron saint of Costa Rica. Virgin de los Angeles Day.

August 15th:
Mother’s Day ( Dia de las madres.)

September 15th:
Independence Day from Spain since 1821. Big parades of school bands.

October 12th:
Day of the Discovery of Costa Rica by Chirstopher Columbus. Big carnival is held in the weel prior to this dates in the province of Limon.

November 2nd:
(Dia de los muertos) All soul’s Day

December 8th:
(Inmaculada concepcion de la Virgen Maria) Immaculate Conception of the Virgin Mary.

December 25th:
Christmas Day mostly privately celebrated by each family.


April 11th and October 12th

Should be moved to the closest monday in order to give the employees a long weekend. This is mandatory do to the last modificaiton of the Costa Rican laws.


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