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Hojancha, Guanacaste

Hojancha is one of the 11 cantons (counties) of the Province of Guanacaste; this small town did not have electricity until the year of 1972. Hojancha and its main city bear the same name. Hojancha means broad leaf, e the indians named it after a tree with big leaves that is very common in the area.
Hojancha was inhabited by the Chorotega Indigenous people, who during the pre-Columbian times occupied the Nicoya Peninsula, extending its domain to the Lake of Nicaragua.

Hojancha is bordered by the counties of Nicoya and Nandayure,  with access to the sea through a narrow passage on the southwest part of Puerto Carrillo. In fact, the only beach in Hojancha is Playa Carrillo.

This is a charming U-shaped beach of beautiful white sand and lined with palm trees. The rural grass airstrip is located close to the beach which makes the landing a pleasurable experience with great ocean views.

Hojancha was awarded with the "ECO-BLUE FLAG" for its cleanness and order, this is the only canton of Guanacaste granted with such recognition.

Hojancha is not only clean and well-organized, it is also one of the safest towns in Costa Rica; its residents still keep their doors unlocked and most of their windows do not have bars.
The main economic activities of Hojancha are forestry, coffee and cattle. Most of the people living in Hojancha were born in this small town, although during the last 20 years inhabitants from San Ramon, Palmares and Grecia have immigrated to this region.

Agriculture and huge teak plantations are the main activities in the mountainous countryside of Hojancha, where natural springs are born and provide an important water supply to the Nicoya Peninsula. The Nosara River on the mountains of Hojancha is one of these important water sources and it is protected by Nosara Protected Zone in Hojancha and the Monte Alto Forest Reserve.




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